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[Video] Study with Me

Come study with me. Choose any video between 25 minutes and an 1 hour long. Grab your books, laptop, notes, and hit play to study with me.

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Travel Resources

Here’s all the simple need to know travel resources.

101 basic Traveling tips, Ultimate Packing Guide, Plane essentials, road trip essentials and more.

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How when we read about abiding in Christ do we really understand what that mean? The depths of relationship that He is calling us into? Let’s take a look at the surface of John 15 to understand about abiding and how that ties in to communion in Luke 22

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Crystal Lake

Need a quick weekend getaway in the Los Angeles area? A place fun of fresh air, servral hiking trials, and a natural lake? Crystal lakes is for you!

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Lake Arrowhead

From it’s winding road that leads to mountain views to it’s Village center that overlooks the tranquil and scenic lake, Arrowhead is the perfect place to go to for a getaway.

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Books of 2021

This year I am reading through books I have own and not touched. My goal is to read one book a month as part of

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Bedtime Routine

Need some ideas for habits to end your day and start the next one off right? Here are 11 things I do before going to bed as part as my evening bedtime routine.

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God always keeps His promises. This Year has been hard but Praise God that I can look back and know that He is good.

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Rosh Hashanah

As I’m writing this I’m eating sliced apples dipped in honey to remind myself of this year’s provision and for the sweetness of the year to come: Rosh Hashanah 5781.

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Here you will find all sorts of topics from lifestyle to poetry.