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Hey Friends, I traveled to Florida for two weeks and made a capsule wardrobe of 13 pieces for 14 days. So you can call it a 13×14 but I did wear the same outfit during travel days so you can call it a 13×13?

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Before going a my two week trip I made an itinerary and list of outfits to match it. After planning it all out here is what came to life.


I picked 13 pieces in total 2 outwear, 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 one pieces, and 2 shoes. This is not including sleep wear. 

13×14 Pieces

Capsule Pieces

Blue Tank TopB&W PantsB&W Converse
Romper Yellow Tank TopDemin ShortsBarefoot Sandals
B&W Striped
Tank Top
Blue Pants
Capsule Pieces

Time length:

I did it for two weeks, 14 days in total. 

Packing list:

Here is what the rest of my packing list looked like

Two Week Packing List

Ultimate Packing Guide



  • Pj’s
    • Sleeping Tee
    • Shorts
  • Tops 
    • Blue Tank Top
    • Yellow Tank Top
    • Black and White Striped Tank Top
  • Bottoms
  • One pieces
    • Green Dress
    • Romper
  • Outer Wear
  • Base Layer
  • Sweat Pants
  • Bathing Suit
  • No Show Socks 


Craft bag (wip):





Find out what I carry on a daily basis


Here are the different ways I mixed and matched my outfits.

Cardigan + Sweater + Black and White Tank Top + Blue Pants + Converse + Bum Pack
Cardigan + Sweater + Black and White Tank Top + Blue Pants + Converse + Bum Pack + Travel Bag
Black and White Tank Top + Blue Pants + Converse
Blue Tank Top + Black and White Pants + Sandals
Blue Tank Top + Denim Shorts + Converse
Blue Tank Top + Black and White Pants + Converse
Black and White Tank Top + Blue Pants + Converse
Yellow Tank Top + Blue Pants + Sandals
Yellow Tank Top + Blue Pants + Sandals + Bum Pack
Romper + Sandals
Cardigan + Romper + Converse
Cardigan + Green Dress + Converse
Cardigan + Green Dress + Converse (This picture made me laugh because it reminds me of the way the characters walk in Charlie Brown)

Find my other Capsule Wardrobes here

Final thoughts:

Here’s what I liked about my packing list and what I didn’t like as well as how I could have made it better.

What I liked about my packing list:

  • C port adapter – I used the C port adapter on the wall plug for my laptop and was able to charge my Phone
  • One wall plug to charge everything – I have a block wall charger that has 4 usb slots but I opted to bring a wall charger with only one usb port, and it worked perfectly
  • Extra set of clothes – I almost didn’t bring this because I didn’t want to overpack but it turns out that I needed the extra top and bottom so I was grateful to have it
  • Just a backpack – Some of the flights were full and they started checking roller bags but I got to get on with my backpack because it was a backpack.

Should have brought:

  • Long sleeved pjs, a Light weight sweater, and Long warm socks  – winter in Florida 
  • Collapsible bag instead of the tote – I went to the beach and it would have been nice to have a day pack or something with a zipper
  • Less underwear – since I was staying in one place I can wash one and dry it every day
  • A white tee shirt – I just wanted to wear something that wasn’t clinging to my torso
  • My diy Hair spray – my hair was so dry

What I should not have brought:

  • Crackers – They were a great to travel with because they got crushed during transit
  • More than 2 hair ties – I had way too many and it made me careless as to where I left them.
  • My day pack instead of my travel backpack – For just a two week trip a regular backpack would do and when I got back I packed everything into the day pack and it fit. I guess my travel backpack is more of a two week + travel bag.

This Travel Capsule went really well. It was rather cold for Florida but all in all I packed light and had everything I needed. Perhaps next time I’ll be better at checking the weather.

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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