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Over the past year,

I have felt like I’ve been part of a long process. 

A process in which God has told me to rest rather than hustle. 
To trust Him rather than to strive. 
To seek him in everything rather than turning to the world.

The one thing I have learned in all my years, is that seeking God in everything has been beyond beneficial. There are no missed opportunities or closed doors, only a path that will have you walking towards the good things the Lord has planned for you.

I’ve talked quite a bit about Growing and Becoming, ever since I’ve started this Selah period of my life. But I would have never reached this point if I hadn’t been bold enough to move from Florida to Los Angeles. Without that leap of faith, I would have never been blessed with this time in the cave. 

What is the cave?

Mrs. Zim talked about David’s cave in her weekly newsletter. 

She wrote, 

“David spent his life on the run. He was chased by King Saul — into caves and into isolated places. I suspect that those moments shaped David tremendously. He leaned into God. In the cave is where I believe he was reminded of God’s providence. It’s where he cried out to Him.”

Then she asked,

“Where is your cave?”

Immediately, I knew that

Los Angeles was my cave. 

I left everything I knew and followed God, out into what was unknown to me, to a foreign land that I knew nothing about. Without a plan, without a prior visit, without a job lined up, and without anything really. Just God and I, venturing out.

And after being here for two years, I realized that there were blessings in the cave. 

Even though, I went without friends for 5 months
There were blessings in the cave.

Even though, I went without a job for 5 months
There were blessings in the cave.

Even though, I went without peace and rest on and off
There were blessings in the cave.

Why do I call these struggles blessings? Why do I find my time in the cave valuable? 
Because it was only in the cave, did I truly gain the capacity to hear God speak. 

It was only in the cave that I made room for God rather than let fear take up space. 
It was only in the cave that I started surrendering all things to God.

In the cave, things became clear.

The areas where I was holding onto things that were not serving me anymore, I surrendered.
The areas where I was striving to make a way were made plain, and I surrendered. 
The areas where God was calling me to rest were clarified, and I surrendered even more. 

It was in those moments of complete surrender, that God taught me that He is my complete provider. 
And my trust of Him went to new depths. 

It was during this time in the cave, that I became confident in my purpose. 
It was in these moments, that I learned to start expecting good things. 
It was on this path, where I stopped limiting God and myself.
It was here, that I experienced true peace.

So now,

I’ll ask you the same questions Mrs. Zim asked me. Where is your cave? What have you learned there? If you are still there, what is God teaching you about who He is? Has your time there teached you how to trust God in a new way? 

Comment down below and let me know 🙂

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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