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There’s something about tweed that makes me want to make all the sweaters.

Hey there! Thank you so much for checking out my Campfire Sweater pattern. I created this pattern because it was cold here in SoCal. And although I made this sweater for the winter I ended up using it at the tail end of the spring during a trip up to the RedWoods in June. It kept me warm and toasty in 50 degree, overcasted weather during the day and those cold, cold nights. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!

Disclaimer: This pattern is size exclusive and untested pattern. Please let me know if there are any errors. Thank you!

For this pattern you will need:

You will need to know how to:

  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Decrease

Knitting Abbreviations:
St(s): Stitch(es)
K: Knit
P: Purl
Rnd(s): Round(s)
R: Row
Co: Cast On
A: Main Color
B: Sub Color
Pm: Place Marker
M: Marker
Slm: Slip Marker
KFB: Knit in the front and back of stitch
K2tog: Knit two stitches together
Ssk: Slip slip knit; slip the sts knitwise
*: Repeat instructions that are within ** 
***Notes on customizing your sweater to your liking

Size: 32 bust/chest inches

Gauge: 18 sts + 24 rows = 4 in. (10 cm) in Stockinette stitch with larger needle. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE


  1. I always use the long tail cast on. 
  2. Increase: Knit front and back video
  3. I used the loop cast on for the under arms; Under arm cast on
  4. Use jogless join when switching colors; video tutorial Here
  5. Ribbing bind off video: Here


With B Co 88 sts with smaller needles
Rnd1-6) *K2, p2* 

Switch to larger needles and color A
Set up rnd) K14 sts, pm (This marks the top of one sleeve) K30 sts, pm, (This marks the top of the back of the sweater.) K14 sts, pm, (This marks the top of the other sleeve.) K30 sts, (This marks the top of the front of the sweater.)
Rnd 1) *kfb, k until you are 2 sts before m, kfb, k1, slm*
Rnd 2) Knit
Rep Rnds 1-2 until it fits the size of your chest.

I did 224 sts for a 32 inch bust. 50 for both sleeves and 62 for the front and back panel.

On every other round increase one stitch on each side of each marker. That means on each increased round, you will add 8 stitches.

What’s great about the top down sweater is that you can try it on and see if you like how it fits. You can choose to make it more fitted or more loosely.

I like to have 7 ½ inches from my cast on edge to my sleeve separation.

Sleeve Separation:
On the next round, use a tapestry needle and scrap yarn to slip 48 sts off your needles for the sleeve.

Cast on 3 stitches. These stitches will be directly under the arm. Use the video from the notes to cast on your stitches.

Knit 62 sts, to the next marker, use a tapestry needle and scrap yarn to slip 48 sts off your needles for the sleeve. 

Cast on 3 stitches. These stitches will be directly under the arm. Use the video from the notes to cast on your stitches.

Knit 62 sts, mark the new beginning of your round.

Now you should have 124 sts on your needles. You should be back at the beginning of the round and both sleeves should be on holders.

***You can choose to cast on more stitches if you would like the arm hole to be more loose. This pattern will use short rows under the arm to make the arm hole larger.

Knit every rnd
Continue working in pattern until the length of the torso is 11.5 inches or until desired length

Bottom ribbing:
Change to smaller sized needles 
Rnd 1-12) *K2, p2*
Bind off with color B using the video in the notes section of pattern

Picking Up Sleeves:
Short rows: Starting at the bottom of the armhole, with smaller needles, pick up 3 sts under the arm, purl 3 sts and pick up/add another stitch at the end of the row.

Next r) Knit 4 sts, pick up a stitch at the end of the row
Next r) Purl 5 sts, pick up/add another stitch at the end of the row

Keep picking up sts at the end of each row until you reach the stitches that are on the scrap yarn. Make sure to end on a purl row. (I had 10 sts in total.)

***You can choose to skip the short rows if the arm holes are already your desired width or you caston on more than 3 sts on the sleeve separation step.

Slip the sts from your scrap yarn back onto your needles and mark the beginning of your row using a stitch marker.

(I slipped 48 sts onto my needles and had a total of 58 sts on my needles for my sleeves.)

Top Sleeves:
Rnd 1-30) Knit or for 5 inches
For one of the sleeves knit the first two rounds with B

Rnd 1) K1, k2tog, knit until the last 3 sts, ssk, k1
Rnd 2-6) Knit
Rep rnds 1-6 until there are 28 sts left or until you have your desired decrease
You should be decreasing 2 sts every inch.

Sleeve Cuffs:
With smaller needles
Rnd 1-12) *K2, p2* 
The cuff should be 2 inches long.
For the sleeve that was knitted in A knit all 12 rnds in B
For the sleeve that you knitted two rounds in B, knit the last 6 ends in color B

Bind off both sleeves using the video in the notes section of pattern and weave in all ends.

Yay, you did it! You are amazing!

Reference: Knit Purl Hunter & Lorraine L
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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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