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Have you ever just wanted to just grab your gear and go hiking without worrying whether or not you have forgotten anything?

Hey friends,

I have been going on a lot more hikes lately and I have discovered the need for a hiking go Bag. Packing the night before is great but having your bag ready to go at all times is a game changer. Here’s everything I have in my go bag.

Peak Gear Foldable Backpack – Compact Packable Day Pack

Y’all, I love this bag. Not only is it packable but it’s also very sturdy. It’s not too big and fits everything I need. It also came with a separator pocket that can be used as a laptop sleeve or for a water bladder. It’s packable and easy to travel with. 

2 Liter Hydration Bladder

I went on an 11 mile hike with this bladder and it worked perfectly. Okay it kept sliding around a bit but it did the job. It fit right into the pocket of my day pack. 


Don’t forget to pack a snack. I usually have a protein bar in my bag which is great because I don’t have to worry about forgetting food. I will bring an apple if I’m leaving from my house. Bring whatever you’ll enjoy eating while out on the trail. I’ve also tried Epic Bars and packets of almond butter. Whatever I can throw in my bag and forget about. If you do pack something with packaging please carry the trash with you until you get to a designated trash bin. #keepnaturewild

Hat & Sunglasses

Okay, so these items aren’t actually always in my bag but they are always in my car. Hiking in SoCal wouldn’t be complete without these. Always bring a hat. Don’t make my mistake!


Like I mentioned before, we do get cold winds while hiking. This is a jacket that I have had for years but it’s a bit bulky and not super warm so I’m in the market for a more lightweight option.

Hair Tie

Yes, I know this is a different kind of item to carry around in a hiking bag but I made this when I went hiking at Eaton Canyon and I got the best photos. Now I just carry it with me wherever I go.

Everbeam Rechargeable Headlamp

I included this last because it’s one of those just in case items. If I am out for a sunset hike and the sun sets before I get back to my vehicle I have no fear because the path will still be lit. Plus it will come in handy when I go camping.

Bonus item:

Fanny Pack

For shorter (4 mile) hikes I pack this fanny pack instead on my backpack. I’ll also bring my travel bottle instead of my bladder. (Mostly because my bladder wouldn’t fit in the fanny pack.)

You are probably thinking, “Olguine, why don’t you have a first aid kit??” 

Answer: I only do day hikes. 4 miles or less on my own in the city and 5 miles or more with a group out in the wilderness. For the longer hikes another person usually has a first aid kit with them so I don’t feel it necessary to bring one with me yet. 

Closing Thoughts

Well this is all the gear I carry in my go bag at all times. For more items check out this post and watch this video for more ideas of what to have in your Hiking Go Bag.

Do you have a hiking go pack or maybe some hiking essentials that you really love? Comment below and let me know.

PS: My daily essentials post is coming out soon. I take a few items from this pouch and add it to my bag when I go hiking. Watch this category so you don’t miss it.

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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