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Road Trip

Road Trip Chronicles Part 6

It’s 5am and the tears will not stop flowing as I walk through the parking lot of LAX. I just dropped off my dad for his flight back home to Florida and now I truly have nothing familiar left.

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Road Trip Chronicles Part 4

Our time in The Show-Me State aka Missouri has come to an end and off we head towards Wyoming. We are halfway to our destination and you’ll have to read to see whether or not I’m getting cold feet.

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Road Trip Chronicles Part 3

Its day 3 out on the road. We had fun at The Passage in Chattanooga Riverfront. Now it’s time to go even deeper into the history of the land we are passing through on this cross country road trip.

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Road Trip Planner

Hey friends, I thought that it would be fun to tell you how I planned for my road trip from Naples, Florida all the way to Los Angeles, California.

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