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Hey friends, I thought that it would be fun to tell you how I planned for my road trip from Naples, Florida all the way to Los Angeles, California.


I started doing a lot of research about how to move across country by car. I read post by people like Christoper Ming who had made the move himself back in 2010. Research about the city you are going to. I was moving to Los Angeles so I looked up how to make the transition into the city.

Look up the city you are going to and find out more about it.


I used to plan. It’s super easy to use. You enter your start city and your destination city and Trippy plans the rest. 

When I first started planning this trip I had just planned to take the fastest route. But then one of my good friends got married and moved to Wyoming and told me that I was free to visit. Immediately I said no because that would add more days to my trip. They insisted but ultimately left that decision up to me. I thought about it and dismissed the idea. But it kept coming to my mind over and over again so I adjusted my route on Trippy to see how many days it would add to the trip. I saw that it only added one extra day and the route it suggested had me going up by Missouri where I had some other friends staying. I added that town to my route as well and got a complete day to day itinerary.

Since Trippy was so easily adjustable I went back and created an itinerary from scratch and edited day by day. Trippy suggested places to eat, sleep, visit, and must see cities along the way. I added some attractions to the days where it was just me and my dad. We went to the Museum of Aviation in Georgia, visited the Passage in downtown Chattanooga, explored Ruby Falls in Tennessee, and even got a chance to hike Mount Zion in Utah.

Here is a list of why trippy is amazing:
  • It give you a day by day itinerary 
  • It suggest place to stay, eat, and visit
  • It does the former and lets you decide how long you would like to stay at each place
  • It even figures the time you will get to each destination based on the time that you leave

These are just a few reasons why trippy was a God sent to me. I highly recommend this tool whether it’s your first time road tripping or if it’s your 50+ time. It’s definitely a must have!

Below is what my FL to CA itinerary looked like:

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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