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Here are the speakers, music, and other resources I use.

Books and References:

The Beautiful Word Bible NKJV

Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

Rhythms of Rest by Shelly Miller

The Power to be Free by Frank Moore

Revelation Made Easy by Michael Sedgwick

Devotions and Journals:

I recently just brought a blank sketch book to write out my poetry.

I have a full sized notebook that I use to take notes when I’m listening to teachings.

I have a prayer journal I use to write my heart out to God.

Well-Watered Women – Gretchen Saffles the founder has amazing IG stories of encouragement and the Give me Jesus Journal and devotions has honestly gotten me to a closer relationship with God.


Dr. Katia Adams – She is absolutely amazing. The way she speaks power into you. She tell you who you were created to be. Go listen to her.

*The Bloom Podcast – It’s amazing y’all. Zim tells it like it is all within biblical context. It’s also on Spotify.

Jennifer Toledo – She is amazing y’all. She is one of the lead pastors of Expression 58 in Los Angeles, California. She is a powerful speaker and teaches on how to live out the Bible in present day. Also it’s fun to watch her speak because of all her expressions.

*Andrew Wommack – He keeps things real simple.

Graham Cooke – I love his soaking session. If you have Apple Music look him up!

Hosanna Wong – She is incredible. She inspired me to start writing again. Words are powerful and her spoken words set me free.

*Patrice Washington – She is a great speaker and honestly my lifestyle has changed for the better because of her. Please go listen to her podcast Redefining Wealth. You won’t be sorry.

Michael Jr. – A comedian who hits home every time.

*James Ford Jr. – I like the way he speaks.

Esther Lully – She’s my mentor y’all! Attending her bible study has brought my faith to another level. 

*Pastor Greg Laurie – Funny and Informative.

*The Journey Women Podcast – This is such a blessing. They touch on all topics of life.

*Dr. Tony Evans – He tells it like it is.

Dr. Voddie Baucham – Practical. He’s on YouTube.

Moody Radio – They have some great speakers.

*Joyce Meyer – She literally answers all the questions I have; on her show Everyday Life.

*I listen to these speakers on their podcast or on Moody Radio.

Songs Resources:

K-Love Radio – I fell in love with this when I was searching for Christian songs on the radio

Pandora is more mainstream and I used to use it A LOT. Now I just use Apple Music.

Spotify is a great way of discovering more music. I found tons of Praise and Worship music there.

Youtube is great batching together the genre of songs and you get to pick what you want to listen to. I discovered a lot of Rap and Hip Hop on Youtube.

Gospel – I use all of the above source, plus going to church helps a lot!

PS: You can find the songs I’m listening to at the moment on my Music Page


You version: I’ve been using this ever since I can remember. You can create an account and highlight all your favorite verses and even take notes. It has all the the version in there and there’s even an app.

Blue Letter Bible: This has all of the original means of the words in the Bible. How many of you know that somethings just doesn’t translate well. Or that not every language has the same exact words or meanings. The Blue Letter Bible lays it all out for you. So you can have a deeper understanding of it all.

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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