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Our first day out on the open road. After a tearful goodbye, welcomed all distractions. They came in the form of the Museum of Aviation in Georgia and Downtown Chattanooga in Tennessee.

If you haven’t yet please go read my last post. So you’ll know how we ended up in Bonfire, Georgia. Picking up from there…


The second day of our trip, we got up early packed up our belongs and went to Museum of Aviation located in Warner Robins, Georgia.

But before that we got lost twice. My fault. The first instance was when I had entered in the wrong address in the GPS. The next time is when I missed our exit and we ended up in at the entrance for the air force base that was next door. It’s what the reviews told us not to do. Oops.

In the end we ended up at the Museum. There we approached the desk and learned that there is no fee for the museum. We were given a map and told to have fun. We started in the Eagle Building where we learned of the roles men and women have in the air force ie what they wore the importance of each of their roles. 

So many buttons!

Next we went to Hanger one where I go to sit in the cockpit of this jet. 

Moving on, next we entered the Century of Flight hanger. Then the Scott Exhibit. This is dedicated to blacks being allowed to enter in combat. Before leaving, I did the Virtual Reality Simulator. I was fun and only $15 bucks. It didn’t really have anything to do with aviation. It was more like a roller coaster ride.

The Museum of Aviation was a great first stop. It was super fun seeing all the different aircrafts and learning the history behind it all.


After the museum we hopped in the car and headed towards Tennessee. We got there before evening because it was only about 4 hours away. We checked in to our airbnb, put our bags down, and headed to a Sushi restaurant that had ‘great’ reviews. Those reviews turned out to be wrong. It wasn’t good Sushi but what are you gonna do. 

From there we headed to Downtown Chattanooga. We first visited the Riverfront. (You will find that parking near this area is cheaper than in the heart of downtown; $3 for two hours.) We walked down the steps and walked along the waterfront. 

Just wandering around really. When we got to a most wonderful place. Under a bridge and behind a gate is a spectacularly site called The Passage

You better believe I threw my shoes off and got into the pool. It was so much fun walking up and down these fantastic steps. As I was walking up The Passage, I heard these words, “Sometimes it feels as though you are swimming up river. Fear not, for I have already prepared a stairway for you. Those currents will soothe your feet rather than swept you away. Walk with me, for I have said that I will give you rest.” These words from my heavenly father gave me so much peace. 

After leaving the Passage we walked through downtown. There were restaurants and older buildings. It wasn’t at all crowded for a weekday. We ended up walking all the way to a place called Miller Park.

There were a lot of cool things to see. After that we walked back to the car and decided to turn in for the night. We had an exciting day planned for tomorrow.

All in all, the Passage was really worth the drive so don’t miss out.

PS: Don’t you just love how my dad takes pictures? He’s so cute, I love him!

I hoped you enjoy these pictures handsome father. Head over to read the part 3 in the Road Trip Chronicles. Also check out The Museum Collection series.

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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