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I created the Chrisner Bow Tie for Father’s Day while I was binge watching Food Truck Races. My dad loved it and still wears it to this day!

The Garter Bow Tie was created for Father’s day. A few years ago, I was trying to figure out what to get my dad for Father’s day and I was stumped. Then I remembered that I was a maker (sometimes I forget.) I started thinking how cool it would be to hand make something for a someone I really care about on a special day. So I went and did my research; measurements, materials, etc and got The Chrisner Bowtie. (All the while I was binge watching Food Truck Races.) My dad loved it and still wears it to this day! Hope you enjoy this free knitting pattern and please let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

For this pattern you will need:

You will need to know how to:

  • Cast on
  • Bind off
  • Garter stitch

Knitting Abbreviations:
St: Stitches
K: Knit
P: Purl
CO: Cast on
St st: Stockinette Stitch
BO: Bind Off


  1. I always use the long tailed cast on
  2. Always slip the first stitch this creates the clean edge: How to slip stitch
  3. Button Hole video: here

The Chrisner Bow Tie


Co 12 sts
Knit 43 rows or until piece measures 5 inches

Co 5 sts
Knit until band measures 2 ½ to 3 inches

Co 5 sts
R1-45) Knit or for 13 inches
R46) Make buttonhole (instructions located below)
R47-48) Knit

You should have 3 pieces by now.

Here are your pieces
Pinch Bow (back)
Curl top and bottom bow to the front towards you and fold both back
Wrap band around & sew ends together.
Insert band into the back of band
Attach Button, weave all ends, and done!

Buttonhole Instructions:

  1. Knit 1 st
  2. Bring Yarn to the front and slip next stitch purl wise (only for the first stitch)
  3. Bring the yarn to the back 
  4. Slip next stitch purl wise
  5. Pass first slip stitch over last stitch that was slipped 
  6. Repeat 4&5 two more time
  7. Slip last slip stitch back onto the left needle turn
  8. Bring yarn to the back of work
  9. Use the last st to Co 3 st using the cable cast on method loosely 
  10. Turn work to the back & move you’re yarn to the back
  11. Slip first stitch onto the left needle
  12. Pass last co st over the first st
  13. Knit last st

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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