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Me and the roomie took a spontaneous road trip to Malibu on a Saturday. 

When Tricia, my housemate, presented the idea of a drive to me, I was so excited since it’s been a while since I left the house. I had spent the morning fighting each and every twist on my pretty little head in an attempt to tame my locks and look like a normal human being. I’m still far from mastery. This time around I ended up making them too tight which resulted in a headache. The fresh air was much needed to clear my head.

When I started to get ready to leave thoughts started flying through my head. “What kind of clothes did I use to wear? How would I pair my tops and jeans. Was it cold outside? Should I layer? Where are we going and what do I need to bring? What are my essentials?” and not to mention “how should I accessorize?”

After long contemplation on what to wear and how to wear it, I finally settled on a crop top with high waisted jeans and open toed shoes. As for accessories, I decided on my ‘This Is New tote bag’ and threw in my current yarn project, my kindle, journal, pen, hand sanitizer, and lip balm. I also brought along a crochet hook and more yarn because I wanted to make a headband to tie my outfit together, pun intended. I went down stairs and when Tricia approved of my outfit, I knew I still had swag.

We hopped in the car, double checked that we had our masks then we hit the open road. After my cross country road trip and my Grand Canyon trip I wasn’t so big on drives but it was good to get out the house and talk with another human being while driving through the beautiful city of Los Angeles. I mean, let’s face it, when am I ever going to have another chance to drive to Malibu in less than an hour? 

We chatted about various things ranging from our state of minds during COVID-19, to our hometowns, to old memories, and prayer requests. In case you are wondering, my prayer request is for complete healing (I have constant ringing in both ears and for my eyesight, I don’t wanna wear glasses anymore) and to explore California while I’m here. God has definitely grown my heart for the city and I want to see the beauty in it and explore the nature and museums it holds.

I really love my roomie because I was more in a listening mode rather than in a conversation mode. And she catered to that by telling me stories. About going on drives with her sister on the weekends, her wednesday trips to prayer group with her mom, and her road trip from Jersey to New Mexico with her other sister and good friend. 

I participated by telling her about how we never go on drives in SouthWest Florida because the weather was always the same no matter the season. I learned that a lot of people in the northern states love going on drives when the weather’s nice, preferable before and after winter when it’s nice and cool. Not to brag but I’ve always lived 15 mins from the beach in a city where the sun was always shining and surrounded by greenery. I now know that I’ve taken my quaint little town for granted and understand why people insisted on retiring there. It was a great discovery understanding that the world is not all the same.

We got on the Pacific Coast Highway and in less than 10 minutes I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. 

Growing next to the Gulf of Mexico I’ve heard a lot about how rough the waves are and how cold the water is on the oceanside. But to actually see it and know that on the other side is another continent is surreal. 

On one side of the road you had the ocean and on the other the mountains. California is such a surreal place.


We drove along the coast for a bit and reveled in the fact that Malibu was its own little town. With groceries stores and services along the main road. It was all so interesting, there was even a shop that was called, “Everything but water.” We drove a bit further and went up the mountain next to Pepperdine University. The view was amazing.

We turned back around, drove along the coast and found a perfect spot to watch the sunset. As you can tell I haven’t mastered the art of taking pictures in a moving car.

Right beside our car there was a little path that led straight to the sea.

We took pictures, watched the sun set, and listened to the waves. 

Then we drove back into the city towards home with the sun at our backs and our hearts as calm as the sea.

When we got back I ate a burger and finished watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. #perfectending

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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