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Which do you prefer working with, bamboo/wood, plastic or aluminum? 

Here’s my knitting needles ventures:


I will say that my first ever needles were straight Bamboo ones. The reason why was I was already at Joann’s wanting to start knitting and I didn’t do any prior research before going. I remember googling: “What type of knitting needles should a beginner use.” Or something of the sort while standing in the Needle Art’s section. And surprisingly everyone recommended size US 8 straight needles, so I purchased size 8 straight needles in bamboo because it was cheaper, haha. I had my straights for a few weeks (I made a few scarves with them) and then I fell in love with hats but I wasn’t so in love with seaming and circulars were perfect cure for both. Bamboo was all I knew so my circulars were of course Bamboo. and I enjoyed them to the fullest until I discovered there were different yarn weights and US 8 Bamboos just weren’t going to cut it anymore. 

My first knitting needles


So off I went on another trip to Joann’s. After a bit of looking around I discovered that they didn’t carry size US 10 circulars in bamboo so I opted for the aluminum. Guys, guys! I have no idea what I was missing out on. Aluminum needles are so slick and the stitches never catch. And the speed, the speed was unreal. I was knocking out hats left and right; the reason was that I was a tight knitter! I mean the first reviews I had read for a beginners knitting needles (when I googled it at the store) told me not to use aluminum because my stitches would slip off easily, and I believed it because I had no idea what it meant. But it was an expert opinion and I was far from that. Anyways going forward you can guess what type my next few knitting needles were. And the reason I love Joann’s was because of the 50-60% off coupon they would have every once and awhile. It’s what I used to purchase the Boye Needlemaster kit. Although the cables were way too stiff even after I boiled them in water. I found Mimi’s Interchangeable Cables and connector to be a right but not prefect fit for the problem. I say not perfect because after a while the cable won’t stay securely twisted. But it really was a money saver because now I can just slowly buy the regular circular knitting needles on sale. 


Lastly, plastic knitting needles. I don’t think it was until this year, 2017, that I brought my first plastic needles, Susan Bates; I started knitting in 2012. I bought them because they were the only ones with a long enough cable to for my chunky skirt, (you’ll have to scroll down to the picture part.) I didn’t hate them. It was a bit harder to slide the stitches along but I finished my skirt. I also plan to do another skirt so they be useful again. But I’m not going to go out and buy all the plastics, haha. Update: After 3 projects well really 2 and a half these needles were done. I purchased wooden ones to replace them and I am not disappointed.

My Preference

So I’ll have to say that overall that I’d pick aluminum knitting needles but only because I’m a tight knitter and the stitches slide much more easily on them. I will say that I find wooden needles best when working with extremely chunky projects. I’m currently working on Alison’s (@la.reserve.designs) Chunky Blanket Pattern with Sarah’s (@Mamaknows) 25mm knitting needles and I am not disappointed.

Side note

Although for crochet hooks I have use both plastic and aluminum and they work fine. I haven’t tried wood yet but I suppose eventually I will. When I do I’ll update this post. Kelly (@Knitbrooks) has started her own venture into wooden crochet hooks. Maybe my first set of wood hooks will be from her.

What types of hooks and needles do you like to use?

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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  1. I’m like you. I have needles made from a lot of different materials. I would have to say, I reach for my Addi Turbo or Sock Rockets the most.

    • Oh cool. I haven’t heard of those before. I started off with Susan Bates but now I find myself usually go for my wooden Knit Picks. Thanks for sharing!

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