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Hey friends! I’m writing this on Christmas night. I spent the whole day in my pj’s watching The Mentalist, knitting, and eating. Best first Christmas ever.

What I mean by first Christmas is that this is the first Christmas I spent without my family. The reason being is that 3 months ago I made my way across the country to Los Angeles. You can read about that trip by checking out my Road Trip Chronicles.

In December, I..

went to the Getty, Old Pasadena, the Grand Canyon with my cousin Alex. He came to visit me all the way from France. Hanging out with family is always fun and exhausting. I slept in whenever I could after those adventures. 

Now for silly pictures

We have too much fun when we are together, lol.

On the week of Christmas I…

Photo Credit Expression58

We did a candle light thing at Church

Photo Credit Expression58

I signed up for a conference called SALT.

Went out with a friend and ended up buying a bluetooth headset and my first winter coat.

Burlington Trip

Silly me thought that 3 layers would be enough to keep warm while walking the town. I had an undershirt, a long sleeved shirt, and a knitted cardigan and I was still freezing! We were in Burlington Coat Factory in Burbank. What better place to buy a coat, am I right? Burlington was inside a three story mall (which is considered to be small here. Back home our mall was only one story. Unless, it was a department store, in which case it would be two stories.)

It took a while for us to find the Woman’s coat section and while wandering around we stumbled upon a coat in the purse section just randomly hanging there, abandoned. So I try it on and it’s a perfect fit! it was only $17! The rest of the coats were $50+. We go to check out and while waiting in line I spot bluetooth headphones, abandoned. I grab the box and confirmed that they really are bluetooth headphone. They are only $15! Adult bluetooth headphones for only $15! Headphones that I’ve been wanting but refused to pay $100+ & lo and behold here the are for only $15. Yes, yes you don’t have a $100 worth of sound quality but oh my goodness. I love them and they work perfect. if God ain’t good I don’t know what is.

Update: I found headphones on Amazon with amazing sound only for $16.99. I also got the case as well for only $9.99 more. It was so worth it and I couldn’t be happier!
iJoy + Case

iJoy Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

Aproca Hard Carry Travel Bag Case

Christmas Eve

After leaving Burlington’s, I was so warm and toasty in my new coat. I mean it was 50 degrees outside, at night, in the desert…well it was in the city but still the desert feel was there. We were walking around Americana and saw these huge things and gave off heat. Silly me didn’t take a picture but they look like this:

While ogling them and enjoying the heat, a guy standing next to one started chatting with me. He was surprised that I didn’t know what they were. When I mention I was from Florida he told me that he was from Miami! We joked around about the cold weather and both agree that we never needed a thick jacket until we started living in Los Angeles. We even gave each other a high five, cause ya know real recognizes real, lol.

We ended the night driving around and looking at christmas lights. Got some great ideas. Here’s a hint: always string lights along the top of the house. It lights up the house even if that’s all the lights you ended up putting up.

Finally home

When I got home I saw that my sweet friend Savannah posted a blog post. She mention Paul Baloche’s Christmas Album. It’s amazing and you can find the full version on Apple music. (I haven’t checked out other music sources.) You best believe I’ve been listening to this while cooking and cleaning on my brand new headset. 

This week as been amazing and so has this year. God has been amazing and so good to me in more ways that I could even see or know. And I con confidently say that I still haven’t not reached the end of God’s goodness. He’s been taking care of me and has loved me through everything. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.
You Keep On Getting Better (feat. Majesty Rose) – Maverick City Music

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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