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This year I went on my first solo trip. To another country…alone. It was scary and very exciting and I was a ball of emotions. Here are my thoughts and events that led up to this adventure.

So I thought I would give you guys a little background info on my personality so you can understand my thoughts and actions better. I am a very shy person and I tend to hide that fact by being confidence. I am the last of five kids so I’m use to being part of groups where I never really had to do any the talking, figuring things out, etc. I don’t go out very often. I rather stay in and make, read, or watch anime. That being said here’s what’s was going through my mind when I went to attend the Our Maker Life 2017 Toronto, Canada event.

Thursday (July 13, 2017) I left everything I knew behind to head to a country that I never been to, to meet a bunch of people I only knew from an online site. And although it was scary it was an amazing experience. It had it’s ups and downs but mostly a lot of firsts. It was the first time I took public transportation, an uber, and attended a knit night. This weekend I met complete strangers who turned into friends and people I felt like I known for years; only through their social media pages! What really loved about the whole experience was that everyone was exactly how they were online. Down below are my thoughts and feelings on the whole trip. Well at least my before and after.

Pre-trip Thoughts:

I’m really looking forward to going on this trip. I’ve always wanted to travel but I never had a traveling partner. I’m hoping by going on this trip alone I will gain the confidence I need to start traveling on my own and also reach the point where I can live on my own in another state or country with minimal problems. It’s kind of weird going to a place where I don’t know anyone and will be on my own most of the time. Of course, there are the other makers that will be there but I have not met any of them offline before. It seems surreal to me that in an hour I’ll be on my way to the airport then eventually on a plane and leaving behind all that I’ve come to know in these last 17-24 years. It feel almost as if there will be a part of me that I’ll be leaving behind to die because when I get back I feel as though I will not it recognize it and it me. “The old has pass away.” My sister, Andie, said to me once, and I’m paraphrasing; “Living on your own is hard but you learn and experience so much. That makes it all worth it.” And my mentor told to me, “Being on your own is a bit surreal. Out there you’re all alone. Just you and God.”

My family is panicking because I am the youngest of the bunch and we usually always travel together. They’re worried and I just keep telling myself that, that’s what they are suppose to do. After all, they all love traveling in groups. I, however, found out that I love being alone so traveling alone seems like something that’s completely obvious, it’s funny because I didn’t find that little fact out until just last year. A lot of stuff changed last year;


Jan – I started going to a new church.
July – I went to a concert out of town with a friend.
Sept – I went to a concert out of town on my own and stopped by to visit a friend.
Nov – I met up with a small group from my church to go a concert.
Dec – Cruise Trip with the family where I had to handle the booking, checking in and out, finding our rooms, etc. I also discovered that I have a great time being alone.


Jan to June – Attended a bunch of different events my church was hosting; I haven’t made any friends yet so I’m usually alone. (Don’t get me wrong everyone at the church is sweet and helpful. I just haven’t found a buddy that I can hang with regularly.)
July – Going out of the country on my own to meet up with a group of friends

The Lord has guided me through all the new experiences and I believe that he will guide me and make my path straight to get to where he wants me to go. And the best part in the midst of all of this is that I am enjoying life. He has come to give us life to the fullest! No matter where you are. 

For I have plans for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11.

I did have to give myself a pep talk when I got nervous when I was in Canada though you can read about it here.

Pre-Trip Exceptions:

Weather: Cool but not freezing. Says it’s suppose to rain maybe. I brought an umbrella just in case.
Plane Ride: Long but I will keep myself entertained.
Hotel: Nothing fancy and no wifi but it’s a great deal though. All I need is a roof and a bed.
Knit Night: I won’t know anyone and I might not make any new friends. But I will give lots of hugs.
Meet up: I should take notes. I’ll bring a notebook I might need to bring a bigger bag though. I will give lots of hugs.
Last Thoughts: So excited to go on this trip. My greatest fear is forgetting something but it’s okay because I can also buy what I don’t have. But still why buy when you can save?

Post Trip Thoughts:

It was loads of fun & I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I definitely feel more confident with traveling on my own. Whenever, I was nervous about something I simply prayed about it and that calmed me down. It almost felt like I’m been traveling for the longest. It felt so natural. I was able to easily communicate with people; even complete strangers! (That’s really big for me!) I checked in the hotel, I took public transportation; a bus and two trains to downtown all on my own! & I didn’t forget anything. The only downside was that I didn’t plan any sightseeing. Other then, that I had a fantastic time. I even started planning my next trip as I was getting off the plane from Canada. I’m thinking at least one trip every 6-7 months.

Post Trip Reality:

Weather: It was really nice. Not nearly as hot as Florida it was more of a dry heat; which is so much better than a wet heat. It was chilly when the sun went down but nothing that I needed a winter coat for. Also no rain!
Plane Ride: Ascending sucked because my ears popped like crazy, maybe it’s because I haven’t flew since 2008. The descent wasn’t too bad. I had my knitting with me so they time flew by. Coming back was a breeze though; I was asleep (or trying to sleep) for most of the time; my flight was in the AM.
Hotel: There was wifi and my room was amazing. & I had it all to myself.
Knit Night: As soon as I sat down people started talking to me and I made good friends. It felt as though we knew with other even though we didn’t follow each other on Instagram. I suppose it’s because we had things in common.
Meet up: I took a few notes. The notebook fit into my smaller bag good thing to because we receive so much swag. The swag bag were seriously so big. I’m thinking I’ll contribute to next year’s swag. I also fangirled at everyone I knew.
Last Thoughts: Basically had the best time of my life. I’m seriously already looking forward to next year & planning out my vacation. Praise God that I can say all of this. Seriously God has blessed me and built me up to this point and He deserves all the glory.

Now enjoy these fabulous pictures: (Captions are below each photo)

My first ever Knit Night! These ladies were so welcoming! Shout out to Courtney (@ilovetinderbox), Ania (@creativecolourfuldreams), Zoe (@knitbyzoe), Lauren (@amenagerieofstitches)  and Luna (@luna.craft).
Sarah (@repeatcrafterme) was the first one I took a picture with. I was talking with her for a good 5-10 mins and it wasn’t until we exchanged social media handles that I knew who she was. She is amazing!
Jewell (@Northknits) She knew who I was before I even introduced myself. She’s the founder of OML & a great speaker. You should listen to her Instagram lives!
OMGOMGOMG  Brittany (@bhooked) I fangirled so hard. She sounds just like her podcast. If you haven’t listened to them here’s the link. She taught me how to shop good deals for yarn.
Chantal (@Knitatude) She’s real you guys! & she’s exactly as she is online.
Alison (@la.reserve.designs) She’s the reason I block my projects, y’all.
Ashley (@ashleyerikadesigns) was sweet.
I can’t believe I got to meet Emily (@thebluemouse) I wish we got to talk more!
Vanessa (@vanessaknits) and I are the same size! She was also the first one I hugged when I got to Canada!
From left to right: Vanessa (@vanessaknits) Chelsea (@chelsea_knit_photography) & Tristan (@theartrist) These ladies are amazing and so kind!
Twining is wining! Love this picture I got to take with Kelly (@Knitbrooks)
Last but not least. Toni (@Tlyarncrafts) does it all guys. She’s a big part of the reason exist today!

I stole these from Our Marker Life’s facebook page, shhh.

Speaking with Toni. #bestillmyheart
When I won one of the giveaways. It was literally my first time winning a giveaway. (Did I mention that I made my cardigan and skirt. Both knitted.) Cardigan is a longer version of the Cropped Raglan Sweater by Lion Brand. The skirt is of my own design. Pattern coming soon…aka some time this year.
Talking with Ashley and fangirling. I see you too Courtney! Courtney (@ilovetinderbox) was my Toronto “tour guide” I had Indian Food for the first time with her and Lauren (@amenagerieofstitches)
Caught me off guard in this one. #forevertouchingmyhair
I saw this one coming lol. It’s @knitterei beside me! Can you believe I was sitting beside her for hours and didn’t know until I saw her social media handle on her name tag.
Group shot, groups shot! Can you spot me or any of your favorite makers?
Here they are folks! The OML Dream Team! From left to right: Alison (@la.reserve.designs) Kelly (@Knitbrooks) Jewell (@Northknits) Nathan (@loopnthreads) & Kathleen (@country.pine.designs) I got to take pictures with 3 out of the 5. Next year for sure I will take all the pictures!

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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