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Another behind the scene piece for an OhMyKnit original 🙂

I first got inspired for this piece when another Erin (@LoftKnits) made a post on Instagram asking what were we knitting this summer & without even blinking I type up Lace Hat. Light bulb! This was perfect. A Lace Hat! Why didn’t I thinking of it before. Because when one think of summer they think of lace.

I already knew that I wasn’t very experienced at making garments & I learned that rushing things wouldn’t bring the best results. I had done a lace scarf before (Diamond Scarf) but nothing too light weight.

But I knew I had to do it. A lace hat would be perfect for the summer breeze or a day at the beach. Airy & lightweight. I became immersed in looking for the lace pattern that would fit my ideal Lace Hat. I also was working on 2 WIPS & a pattern or two while looking because I really wanted to take my time with this. But after a few weeks I still I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I had looked at my personal books of lace work than moved to the internet; I scoured pages and pages of lace stitches. About the third day of solely looking, I had finally found one that spoke to me! I was ready to start my hat!..but that’s not where the story ends. 

What I really wanted was a slouch hat. I had never done a slouch before strictly beanies. I live in a area where they’re aren’t a lot of knitters; the ones who are here have never written there own patterns. Thank goodness that I had an Instagram community of makers. One of the makers really stood out to me because she had done quite a few amazing slouches before. (Can I just tell you how amazing it is to have someone to bounce ideas off of?) Jaz (@ThatKnitLife) was a big help to me on starting the Elm Tree Slouch. After a conversation with her I was ready to cast on. Less then a week later the Elm Tree Slouch came to life! 

Funny story: I remember sitting in my car & writing a post on my IG to share with my followers just telling them to grow where they are. One of the phrases I used was, “Think Tree.” I wonder if this was the reason this lace stitch spoke so well to me? 

You can find The Elm Tree Pattern in my shops:

It comes in 3 sizes; beanie, slouch, and super slouch.

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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