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When I first saw blanket yarn my first thought was, “Is this even yarn? Who would use this?” I was a newbie knitter (who was still exploring the world of yarn) I really couldn’t see myself making anything with it. Now a year later I’m in love & I just can’t get enough.

It was all by chance that I rediscovered it. It was Black Friday when my sisters & I decided to go to Joann’s for the sale. Everything in the yarn section was on sale! (That was the first time I ended up with a shopping cart full of yarn.) While we were shopping one of my sisters saw the Bernat Blanket yarn & with one touch she fell in love. She grabbed two 10 oz balls & asked if I could knit her a blanket. I’ve only made one blanket before and it took forever but with the Bernat Blanket yarn it seemed as if it would go much faster. So I said yes and when I finished the blanket (which was a simple stockinette with a garder stitch border) I realized it only took me half the time it did for my first blanket (& that was a 23×26 with worsted weight.) It was a bit hard to knit with so I didn’t go back to it for a while. 

 A few months later, I was shopping around for another blanket project; I had recent done one in worsted weight, yellow stripped blanket. I wanted the blanket to be fast & easy with a good & consistent texture. As I was looking at all the different types of yarn & feeling the different textures when I touched the squishiest most softest ball of yarn. Can you guess what it was? Yup, it was Bernat Blanket yarn; in the baby section. It had the consistent texture I was looking for and I knew it would work up fast. Best of all I had learned to crochet so I knew this was just the yarn I needed. Problems solved! 

The unique colors were what really drew me in. 
I could go with the simple stitch & come out with an amazing look. 
It matches this cup perfectly.
& of course the fluffiness!

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Until next time!

– Olguine Brutus

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