Crafting Essentials

Since I’m a crafter I tend to carry yarn wherever I go. You might be wondering what are the must-haves I need to get the job done. In this post I lay it all out for you.

Disclaimer: Some of these items have been switched out because they got lost or broken. Look forward to a updated post coming soon 🙂



four green yarns on chopping board
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This seems like duh! But I sometimes bring the wrong ball for yarn or I run out of the yarn that I’m using so I always bring an extra ball along for those just in case moments

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles

Make sure you bring all the needles you need. Some projects require more than one needle to get the job done; hats, sweaters.

Crochet Hook

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Those of you who follow me on IG know that I only started crocheting a few months ago. Despite that I always had a crochet hook with me. They are useful in knitting for fixing mistakes. I usually use mine to pick up dropped stitches.


different sizes and forms of scissors
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Very useful for cutting yarn tails or God forbid you have a kink in your yarn, a part where some of you yarn has been cut, and you have to cut off the damaged part. I always hate that because it meant more weaving in later.

Darning needle + Needle threader

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I love my darning needle. I have more than one in all different sizes. You might not know this (if you do than bravo!) but not all yarn uses the same darning needle. Darning needles are like knitting needles and crochet hooks. You need the right sizes that matches up with your yarn. Having the right size will make the job a lot easier and faster. Darning needles are useful for other things also like, getting knots out of your yarn and getting knots out of your work. (I get a lot of knots and tangled yarn.) There are multiple things you can use your darning for.

I have to say that my life was changed when I discovered what a needle threader was. Mind you I was a self taught knitter so I never even heard of it. It’s amazing guys. No more trying to force the yarn through the eye of the needle. You simple insert the threader through the eye hook the yarn on the threader then pull through. It was amazing and made me hate weaving in ends a little less.

Stitch markers

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Guys this is a must have. I can not tell you the number of times I have been grateful for stitch markers. Especially when I’m casting on or marking the beginning of my round or working up a pattern. They are always good to have even when you don’t think you’ll need them because trust me you’ll need them.

Row Counter

Row Counter Via Amazon

This differs from person to person. Some people like to tally on a piece of paper (I like sticky notes for this.) And others may prefer an actual counter, the ones with buttons to press. I have used an app of this from time to time or I’ll just physical count the rows; which takes more time I know but I always forget to press the button or tally the rows.

Hand sanitizer

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If you want to craft anywhere and anytime this is a must have! You never know what you might end up doing or touching throughout your day and there may not always be soap and water handy so that’s why it’s important, especially if you plan on giving the item to someone else, to sanitize.


Crafter gloves

This is for me personally because once I overworked my hands and ended up with some pain. Now I just carry gloves in case I need them.

Cable needles

I knitted with cables once and never put them back…

These are my must-haves for crafting on the go or even at home. I keep them in a little (did you guess it yet) baggie. Maybe I’ll become more professional and make or buy proper storage for them but this way hasn’t failed me yet!

(Fun fact: I forgot these tools at the library right after I finished typing this up. By God’s grace, they were still there when I called an hour later and nothing was missing!)

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