Books of 2021

This year I am reading through books I have own and not touched.
My goal is to read one book a month as part of my 2021 declutter.

25 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask
About Love, Sex, and Intimacy
by Juli Slattery

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My Review
This book was very insightful. It never told you what to think but rather gave you references as a guide to aid you in making your own choice. Everything was biblically based and allowed you to do your own research, pray, and study the topic more. This book is definitely one you’ll find yourself returning to over and over again throughout your life.
Favorite Lines:

“The goal of a conflict is to end up on the same page. Conflict isn’t motivated by getting your way or proving your point. The goal is to become like-minded and understanding each other at a deeper level. Even if you and your husband will never see the issue exactly the same, through conflict, you can gain an appreciation for each other’s perspective.”

Juli Slattery

“Find your own peace in bringing the issue before the Lord before seeking peace with your spouse.”

Juli Slattery

“It requires great faith living within our fallen world to believe that honoring God with every relationship and sexual choice is worthwhile. You may be tease, mocked, and have some lonely seasons. Even then, your loving Father is for your deepest joy. 
The question is not about how much God loves you, but how much you love Him. Jesus said to his disciples and says to us today, “If you love me, keep my Commandments“ John 14:15. It is in loving Him and seeking Him that you will find your greatest happiness.”

Juli Slattery

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